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what is methymna?

methymna is the ancient name for the city of molyvos on the island of lesvos in greece.

if you're looking for links regarding molyvos, you might try,, or just do a google search on the words molyvos OR molivos OR methymna OR mithimna OR mithymna.

no, i do not want to sell the domain name. if you've got a business in molivos and you want to find a good domain name, i'd suggest you look at getting a site in the .gr top level domain.

i chose the name as a kind of joke, since the first consulting work i did was for the journal where i worked in my first job out of college, arion.

what is

this website is

the website began as a home for methymna consulting services, a consulting entity that i started back in the early nineties for publication consulting, and later used for occasional web consulting and general computer technology consulting.

i've been avoiding consulting for some years now, but i use this as my main home site on the internet.

how did you design this site?

the site was designed by hand, and edited in multiple text editors over many years.


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don't use my style sheet or my page code verbatim (not that you would want to). text might have other licensing restrictions, we'll see what develops.

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